*Free Crochet Pattern:  Sugared Ribs - An Infinity Scarf

Free Pattern: Sugared Ribs – An Infinity Scarf

Wattle Stitch Tutorial

This wattle stitch tutorial is an easy way for beginners to visualize this stitch. The wattle stitch adds texture to your project by mixing basic stitches together. You can use any multiple of 3 to make your project as large, or small, as you would …

Jeg er altså stadig vild med trekanter men har nu arbejdet lidt på en ny struktur hvor det er lidt mere underspillet og jeg er ret vild med det, hvad synes du? Jeg synes på en måde at det ser lidt …

She switches from back loops only at a certain point to create a pattern

Crochet...Gotta Love It! Blog: Circular Cluster Motif

Look at this interesting motif. It's circular with clusters and reminds me of the "star stitch," which is another fun stitch to .

raised treble stitch ~

Open-work Spots–These spots are treble stitches divided by 2 chain; miss 2 stitches under the latter; for the rest, they are worked like the raised spots (illustration

Easy Crochet Pattern: Crochet Shell Afghan Tutorial

Crochet Shell Afghan Tutorial This crochet shell afghan pattern is easy. I've written a tutorial and taken step by step photos to show .

FPDC – Scrubbie & Dishcloth | Ambassador Crochet

Dishcloths are a great way to practice any new stitch. This scrubbie and dishcloth are made with the FPdc (Front Post double crochet).