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"Death on a Ferris Wheel" by Aylwin Lee Martin (1951).  Man is murdered while riding a Ferris wheel at a sleazy carnival. Among the suspects are four (!) people with knife-throwing in their pasts...  Well-done carny atmosphere. I do like the amusingly lurid cover of this early 50s original paperback

Aylwin_Lee_Martin - Death on a ferris wheel / From my personal collection.

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Shall we continue this down the station? You're a cop?" cried Charley furiously, he made to stand up, but thought better of it when Sam gestured to him to sit down again with her gun.

The Wild One

Bonnie Golightly - 1957 The Wild One - The Wild One Avon Cover art by George Ziel pulp fiction fashion vintage style yellow sheath wiggle dress red belt shoes shirt

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"SINFUL SISTERS" by Roland Vane published by Archer Press (not the dirt common Kaye edition) with Heade cover art

Author: Gypsy Rose Lee Publisher: Eagle EB15 Year: 1954 Print: 1 Cover Price: $0.25 Condition: Good Taped Spine Genre: Sleaze

The G String Murders

The G-String Murders is a 1941 detective novel written by famed American burlesque performer Gypsy Rose Lee.

The Human Beast

The Human Beast

The Whipping Room - Intimate Novels # 24 - Florenz Branch (Florence Stonebraker) - 1952 - Art by Robert Stanley.

Right here we go, another sleaze fest through the dark side of 'Intimate' Novels.