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Full moon goddess rising soon. You want motivational... I'm amazing! Your not! The truth hurts and will set you free :)

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Luna The Roman Moon Goddess, identified with Diana and the Greek Selene.

Swinging by the light of the moon.

Playful Cosmic Illustrations

Dream in the enchanted night woman standing on cliffs edge blue night sky, light

what if Thalia starts sleepwalking? Right to the edge of a cliff.<< pfft i love the way you that.

The woods filled with mirrors. In a world where no one thinks they're beautiful.

Mirror mirror on the wall. Fairytale reflection // Love the hair and makeup.

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Girl sitting in moon that is melting. Shall we lay amongst the beach whilst the tides ebb and revive. Eying the light seizing our night; or shall we imagine ourselves upon the crescent moon as it controls our time waxing and waning.


It took me A LOT of hours in PS to make the stars so bright and the moon looking .

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