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loveandfolly: “ vintagegal: “ Gordon Parks - Black Muslim Protest, 1963 (via) ” Fifty one fucking years and look where we are… ”

These movements include the civil rights movement, the student movement, the anti-Vietnam War movement, the women's movement, the gay rights...

Photo by Flip Schulke, "Student at Montgomery High School protesting integration,

Gordon Parks...if I could see through his eyes for an hour.

Gordon Parks was an American photographer, musician, writer and film director. He is best remembered for his photographic essays for Life magazine and as the director of the 1971 film Shaft.

Gordon Parks, 1950 Ensayo Fotográfico On Derechos Civiles Era América es tan relevante como siempre

This 1950s Photo Essay On Racism In America Is As Relevant As Ever

View the Gordon Parks: Segregation Story photo gallery on Yahoo News. Find more news related pictures in our photo galleries.

Gordon Parks is a really interesting photographer, he takes pictures of ghetto, run down areas and gives the viewers a look into their life. Like this picture "All I Want Is Love". I think it speaks so much to the discrimination that blacks faced for so long.

Student Wearing Hat and Button on Shirt That Says: All I Want is Love on

Duane Michals

Duane Michals American Michals use of text and collage in his images brought an intellectual dimension to his work. A photographer and communicator.

Gordon Parks: Segregation Story

Gordon Parks

Untitled, Mobile, Alabama, 1956 Gordon Parks: Segregation Story - Exhibitions - The Gordon Parks Foundation

Untitled, Watts, California, 1967 - Civil Rights, 1963-70 - Archive - The Gordon Parks Foundation

“Untitled”, Watts, California, 1967 Photography Gordon Parks, courtesy of and copyright The Gordon Parks Foundation

by Gordon Parks - New York City [1956] 50s suit dress print ad magazine models blue cream red

Fashion pictures or video of Theatre Suits photo series by Gordon Parks; in the fashion photography channel 'Photo Shoots'.