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Capture the moment. Take my hand and i will take yours. Reach out to me, hold me, comfort me, i will do the same back to you. And you can ask me anything and i will answer softly.

love this engagement photo

he is making me laugh and blush with joy and love and happiness and he is laughing and delights and falls deeply in love at my wonderful little ways that makes maja who she is. he brings happiness into my life.

all i need is a boy

A lot of hipster style revolves around a very vintage focus. They implement a lot of popular things from past decades and bring them back to popularity, putting a fresh twist on old things.

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I would not rescue you, but guide you through whatever hard times you are experiencing. I'd give you your space, and be there with open arms for you when you needed. One thing for sure, I'll always be there to take your hand and stand by you.

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Astoria and Harry. We don't need any words to explain the deepness of the connection between us. Sometimes a touch of our hands is enough to understand it for one who has ability to see.

Leyendo en pareja

Not just any book. The Book! Of course there are many wonderful books to read, but reading regularly the Bible will keep your relationship strong!

In the snow

snow, couple, ice skating, black and white, photography how cute would getting engaged like this be