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Monsato Farms

Join the battle for GMO food labeling! California vote YES on proposition Volunteer, donate, GET INVOLVED. Even if you don't live in the state you can still help.

I can hardly look at these pictures and not think about the life these people were sentenced to at the hands of Monsanto's Agent Orange used in Viet Nam. Our gov't wants to allow Monsanto to spray that poison on our food and our farmers and anyone that lives within drift distance, will inhale it, which according to Dr. Charles Benbrook, top pesticide scientist, could be miles and much farther than pesticide companies claim.

AGENT ORANGE …. brought to you by MONSANTO!

This pin is about Monsanto - the Vietnam War provider of the devastating herbicide Agent Orange. affecting not only the Vietnamese, but also our military. Monsanto also happens to be the company behind the push for GMO's/farming.

Seconds before South Tower Strike.      Please follow the link to this photo for more stories and photos not published in the news due to the sheer devastation of what they depicted. I will never forget 9-11-2001. Just like I will never forget 11-22-1963 or the Viet Nam War. But 911 was WAR on the very land where I live.  Oh my, I could write a book on the history I have witnessed.

After being hit by American Flight 11 the north tower smoulders in the background as United Flight 175 takes aim at the south tower at am on

Why Sitting All Day Should Scare You

This is why I often work at a standing desk. Most of us sit far too much. Sitting So Much Should Scare You [INFOGRAPHIC]

The way it really happened. In 1492 Native Americans discovered Columbus lost at sea.


Eläkeläisten köyhdyttäminenkö pelastaa Suomen talouden?


A Navaho Smile, 1904, Edward Curtis

I love Edward Curtis' account of the Native American people. Navajo Girl - "Navaho Smile" taken in 1904 by Edward S.



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