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Consumers who are unaware of an item's faulty aspects may unknowingly purchase the item and immediately put it to use, never suspecting that they could be harmed by using their recent purchase.

What is androgel? Find out.

AndroGel (testosterone gel) a controlled substance (CIII), is a daily testosterone replacement therapy that can help bring your Tstosteone levels back to normal with daily use.

Multiple Sclerosis from Top to Bottom - know the possible symptoms. They are many - and misdiagnosis is frequent. We have no cure but we have treatments which slow and to some extent reverse the disease. Depression is 1 of the features.

Texas Risperdal Lawsuits Move Forward - %EXCERPTS% #News

If you or your child were diagnosed with gynecomastia after taking Risperdal, consider filing a Texas Risperdal lawsuit.

Takeda, Lilly Lose Bid to Overturn $9 Billion Actos Trial Award -  #BadDrugs

FDA: Actos Raises Bladder Cancer Risk by - Bladder Cancer Lawsuit

Louisiana Lawsuits Regarding Possible Pradaxa Dangers -  #News

Louisiana Lawsuits Regarding Possible Pradaxa Dangers -

Bydureon, a drug used to help such patients, may actually be linked to pancreatic cancer, among other serious health conditions. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with cancer or other health disorders while taking Bydureon, contact experienced Bydureon lawsuit attorneys who can help you to determine if you have a case.

Louisiana Bydureon Lawsuit Attorneys Lead the Conversation -

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Could Pradaxa Litigation be the Cause of a Drop in Manufacturer Sales? -  #News

Study shows dabigatran risks (Pradaxa) could be dangerous for pregnant women. If you suffered injury after taking Pradaxa, contact us for free consultation.

Study Links Cholesterol Drug Lipitor and Crippling Muscle Pains - %EXCERPTS% #BadDrugs, #Featured

An Arkansas Lipitor attorney notes a study that suggests that drugs known as statins can leave patients with intensely painful muscle aches.

The FDA has acknowledged that Yaz and other newer generation pills may pose a greater risk of developing blood clots in the lungs and legs than other similar types of birth control. Yaz and other medications containing drospirenone have resulted in litigation over reports of elevated potassium levels, gallbladder disease, pulmonary embolisms, strokes, cerebrovascular accidents, deaths and other complications.

The FDA has acknowledged that Yaz and other newer generation pills may pose a…

Printable Pregnancy St Patricks Day Big by ChalkingItUpBoards

Printable Pregnancy St Patricks Day Big Brother or Big Sister Pregnancy Announcement // Pregnancy Reveal // Photo Prop

Januvia Lawsuit Attorneys – Lawsuits Filed #Drugs #Januvia

Texas Januvia Janumet Attorney Warns About Pancreatic Cancer Link

High Fracture Rate Leads To MicroPort Hip Implant Recall - %EXCERPTS% #Metal-on-MetalHIp

Hip replacement recall attorneys note a lawsuit in which the plaintiff alleges a hip implant caused him to suffer blood poisoning and other complications.