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Whyyyy?! http://ibeebz.com

When cooking lobsters, this alive one sting the cook's hand, then the cook let it alive and watch his parters were cooked and eaten, so cruel

Le Face Is Stuck - View more rage comics at http://leragecomics.com

Remember that thing your parents told you about your face getting stuck?

I want to make a movie that does the opposite of these things. And also has a girl heroine that wears sweatpants while beating the crap out of the bad guys. It would/will be great.

Things that only happen in movies…

Funny pictures about Movie logic. Oh, and cool pics about Movie logic. Also, Movie logic.

Images of the day, 70 images. Movie Logic (Compialtion)

Hilarious Pictures of the week pics- Movie Logic (Compilation) excuse the cuss words please cuz dis be funny stuff

Page 688 - Rage Comics - Ragestache

Page 688 - Rage Comics - Ragestache << artist doesn’t fit tho because an artist is never satisfied with his art 😅

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I need this be reasons

This silky stag is made with love and patience with only hight quality materials. I made wire skeleton,head and legs are from polymer and SuperSculpey .

This made me laugh way harder than it should- especially when I am the only one home lol

Stand Up Against Racial Stereotypes- Understated prejudice/stereotype in AD. Observation- This ad is using the stereotype that Asian kids are smarter than everyone and tying Asians to math problems in the background

now I have this song in my hear

lol i would step in the middle and pretend to be a rock star or just open the fridge.while sing heaven/angel music