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a jealous girlfriend

Maybe jealous isn't the right word.but if your girlfriend is ok sharing you with another girl, you can guarantee she'll expect you to have the same "ok" attitude if she's talking to another guy "friend".

Betray my trust, and I won't respect you... so don't be surprised if I don't talk to you either.

You communicated with your other daughter but not me. You refused to let me in your world. Now what might have been is it will never be.


Bottom line: you lost more because you lost a son, a daughter, 2 beautiful granddaughters, and my love for you. I did not lose anything at all because you were never who you pretended to be anyway.

That was such a long time ago...I can't believe where we are today

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Stop breaking your own heart... this appeared just at a moment I needed it the most. It was sent to me when I needed to hear it and I hope it helps someone else ❤

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