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19 Greatest Duck Dynasty Quotes - Clicky Pix

Willie on his Uncle Si--"It seems that as Si's gotten older, his whole war experience has grown right along with him. By the time he dies,he's gonna have fought the whole thing single handedly!" Too funny!

Duck Dynasty is the best thing on television since Rugrats, Hey Arnold, and Doug.

26 Quotes From Si on Duck Dynasty: Perfect if you just want to laugh

Duck Dynasty Family Tree | What The Duck

then allllll those hidden cousins in thurr huh , yeah whoop umpa. I hate you and please for once ftfo

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Wise Words of Phil Robertson-Duck Dynasty "you're gonna be there for 50 years and you dont even know whether she can cook or not? What kind of thinkin' is that? "Well, we'll just live off love". Not really you'll starve to death" lol! Go Phil!

Classic Si-ism from Duck Dynasty

Uncle Si truth: A redneck walkin' into Bass Pro Shops gets more excited than a girl going to a Justin Beaver concert.

Google Image Result for https://pbs.twimg.com/media/A6A3G0DCMAEIY4J.jpg. "It's tough being this good looking" Uncle Si

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Uncle Si, Duck Dynasty probably one of my favorite reality tv characters.