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Auton alumiinipyörät: 10 000 kierrosta/min – Rikkoutuuko viimein 1 610 km/h haamuraja? - T&T

Australia aims to set new world land speed record with this supersonic rocket-powered car

de 2005 a 2015 o estado da "Internet of Things"

Infographic: What will the IoT look like in 2025?

A Selfie Picture That Just Out Did All Others: Astronaut Aki Hoshide (Japan) helping to augment the capabilities of the ISS.

A Selfie Picture That Just Out Did All Others

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency astronaut Aki Hoshide takes a "selfie" photo of his helmet visor during a spacewalk at the International Space Station.


The first popularly standard spacesuit. Sort of like a standardized business suit or a great pair of regular sunglasses (not cheap and good? entrance to an astronaut suit?

#Industrial #Automation : Demand for Industrial Automation in India and China is on the rise.

The global industrial automation market is expected to witness CAGR of over the next five years. More than half of the demand is being driven by the need to increase machine output in the manufacturing industry.

New Shepard Spacecraft. Made by Blue Origin, a company started by Jeff Bezos (Amazon Founder). The 2-part vehicle has a propulsion section that inserts a crew capsule into sub-orbital space, then lands vertically under it's own power. The capsule returns to earth via parachute. No expensive ocean recoveries.

Gunter's Space Page - Information on Launch vehicles, Satellites, Space Shuttle and Astronautics

96% of the matter in our world is invisible to us. Here is what we know so far about that dark matter & dark energy.

The Greeks had a simple and elegant formula for the universe: just earth, fire, wind, and water.

Large Hadron Collider - World's Largest and Highest-energy Particle Accelerator

World's Biggest Machines - biggest machines, largest machines

Large Hadron Collider - World's Largest and Highest-energy Particle Accelerator this is the product of science. This machine and the intellect of all those associated with it, reveal more about our reality than any religious dogma.

An Albanian Shenyang J-6C in Kucova Airbase.

An Albanian Shenyang in Kucova Airbase.