Eyvind Earle - neat.

Artist: Eyvind Earle Completion Date: 1995 Place of Creation: United States Style: Magic Realism Genre: landscape Tags: forests-and-trees

immagine di Pinterest, foto scattate, vari cibi e oggetti. Quest'immagine mi ha colpito per la creatività e le varie situazioni rappresentate.

Miniature Calendar by Tanaka Tatsuya

Eyvind Earle

"Green Forest" Artist: Eyvind Earle, Completion Date: Place of Creation: United States, Style: Magic Realism.

Samurai Jack - Dan Krall, Scott Wills and Jenny Gase-Baker

Bill Wray has been posting more brilliant backgrounds from Samurai Jack that he and Scott Wills have painted so beautifully. They are perfe.

© 2006 Eyvind Earle Publishing  Title:Santa Ynez Oaks 2     33" X 8"               To Order  ----  Please Call    831-625-1738 or Email:    info@gallery21.com

"Santa Ynez Oaks" by Eyvind Earle. Completion Date: Place of Creation: United States.