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Giant Gaseous Cavity within Star-Forming Region NGC 3324 This glowing nebula has been carved out by ultraviolet radiation and stellar winds from several hot, young stars, located well outside this image in the center of the nebula.

The Monkey Head Nebula - NGC 2174 NGC 2174

"Fiery Young Stars Wreak Havoc in Stellar Nursery" - The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has imaged a violent stellar nursery called NGC in which stars are born in a first-come-first-served feeding frenzy for survival.

Stellar Tumult Star birth and star death create cosmic havoc in a panorama of the Carina Nebula assembled from multiple Hubble images. Data from a terrestrial telescope contributed colors keyed to elements

The Dwarf Galaxy, entourée de jeunes étoiles et nuages de gaz. La NASA en fait un "laboratoire" idéal pour étudier l'évolution et la création des étoiles. http://www.linternaute.com/

A Star-Formation Laboratory The dwarf galaxy NGC 4214 is ablaze with young stars and gas clouds. Located around 10 million light-years away.


Baby stars in the Rosette cloud / Herschel / Space Science / Our Activities / ESA

Nébula <3

IC 342 Hubble Credit: NASA/Hubble, color/effects thedemon-hauntedworld

This fascinating space wallpaper shows the caterpillar-shaped knot, called IRAS 20324+4057, which is a protostar in a very early evolutionary stage. It is still in the process of collecting material from an envelope of gas surrounding it.

Hubble sees a cosmic caterpillar - This image of IRAS is a composite of Hubble Advanced Camera - The object lies 4500 light-years away in the constellation of Cygnus (The Swan). - Credit: NASA, ESA, the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA), and IPHAS

ハッブル望遠鏡 50の傑作画像 その5 | ナショナルジオグラフィック日本版サイト

ハッブル望遠鏡 50の傑作画像 その5

Nebula Images: http://ift.tt/20imGKa Astronomy articles:...  Nebula Images: http://ift.tt/20imGKa  Astronomy articles: http://ift.tt/1K6mRR4  nebula nebulae astronomy space nasa hubble telescope kepler telescope stars apod http://ift.tt/2ip6wlN

Intergalactic debris and far-flung atoms, shards of carbon nanomatter rounded up by gravity to circle the sun. As atoms pass through an eternal revolving door of possible form, energy and mass dance in fluid relationship.

Spectacular Hubble Photos to Celebrate 25 Years in Space for Humanity’s Telescope - via Slate The Butterfly Nebula - hubble25_ngc6302

Spectacular Hubble Photos to Celebrate 25 Years in Space for Humanity’s Telescope

NGC also called the Bug Nebula, Butterfly Nebula, is a bipolar planetary nebula in the constellation Scorpius. The structure in the nebula is among the most complex ever observed in planetary nebulae.

nebula wallpapers 1080p high quality, Holden Thomas 2017-03-20

A hotbed of newly born stars is swaddled in colorful blankets of glowing gas and cradled in an enormous, cold, dark, hydrogen cloud. As the infant stars evaporate the surrounding cloud, they expose dense pockets of gas that may contain developing stars.

(via sleepingwithher) Source flickr.com

Earth at night has a copper black sky as the sun sets, with artificial light of cities creating an eerie glowing blue and pink pattern of dots. -RESEARCH by DdO Photo pin via Lisa Perrings