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Riikka Auvinen

The Art Of Animation, Riikka Auvinen


by Riikka Auvinen

Riikka Auvinen

The Art Of Animation, Riikka Auvinen

eat you all up_by_Riikka Auvinen

Watercolor Paintings by Riikka Auvinen

Eat you all up by *tir-ri on deviantART Riika Auvinen

Get Lost Creep

Get lost creep by Riikka Auvinen,*tir-ri on deviantART

【Midnight Parade】 おやすみ、良い夢を 今夜見たことは秘密だよ

【Midnight Parade】 おやすみ、良い夢を 今夜見たことは秘密だよ

The Art of Riikka Auvinen

Riikka Auvinen, "Warm Friend and a Cold Day"

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So small, so tiny — Preorders for the Foxfire Book are currently open see previous announcement post here for more info


tir-ri: “ Some step by step photos of my most recent painting progress and the original sketch before I traced the lines on good quality paper. I made the snowy swirls by rubbing a candle against the.

Taupe Syuka

Alice in Wonderland by Taupe Syuka

A private meeting. by Riikka Auvinen

A Private Meeting by Riikka Auvinen (tir-ri)

Цветовая палитра №1012

Цветовая палитра №1012

sexy ass greens for the entry way

The Colour Thesaurus- do you ever wonder what the name of a colour might be? Here's a comprehensive list of most colours you can imagine

The Color Thesaurus

The Color Thesaurus, what a chart! Imagine creating this kind of chart by asking kids to determine what "colour" is a word. (We could them ask them to write a poem or a story and use that chart to see what colour it is.

Color Palette #1665 | Color Palette Ideas

Color Palette #1665

Holly love bight colors and this palette has her name written all over it!

Tiny fan art painting I made based on this painting by bluealaris.

Riikka Auvinen