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I had this on my phone ive forgot to post this on the exact day so might as well post this now

But seriously though haha...

I am most definitely not a 12 year old girl. 16 year old girl here yes and I'm a directioner.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ...we just don't know...

I love all of the above "Is he a homeless mexican man" LMAO love you Zayn!

I am so proud of Liam.... He's showed everyone who bullied him that he could do it... Personally, he gives me hope, he proves that things get better:)

and to everyone who did bully Liam better hope I never meet you!

I DIED  It also made me kinda mad that all the fans they showed were all about 10... Like really?

I DIED It also made me kinda mad that all the fans they showed were all about Like really? That was super annoying :P

YES!!!! i love how liam is so confident in his audition <3

I just realized how strange this is.it's like niall and Louis switched personalities o_O PLOT TWIST ;

I LOVE this picture! Their expressions are precious.

Canadian Directioners so existed pop up shop tomorrow at wrest Ed from Jan 2 to the 🆔

This is a petition! If you want Pinterest to make One Direction it's own category, like this! This is some serious stuff in the fandom! Repin to spread the word!!!!!!<<< hhaha wouldn't that be awesome XD

nobody knows how many times i have wished this. i have literally gone to the category list and expected there to be a one direction category, and there never is.

Let's make it happen for Liam! (:

Lets do it for Liam btw happy early bday Liam Rubio Payne