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For today’s inktober I illustrated the russian tale Wee Little Havroshechka. It’s weird, it has really mean characters but I loved how it is totally possible to be besties with a cow (a magic cow, but.


CHRISTOPHER DELORENZO - beautiful, minimalistic illustrations, the themes are inspiring and the line work awesome!

August 8th #dailydrawing [Luck]. #art #artstagram #drawing #illustration…

August 8th #dailydrawing [Luck]. #art #artstagram #drawing #illustration…

Since my sister is such a flake, I guess I need to start learning this stuff. @Kaitlyn Conner

simonist: “ On Drawing Children by =toerning ” I suggest checking out more of this artist’s gallery, too. Not only is their work fabulous, but they have many very helpful tutorials as well.