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23 cu. ft. Greenes Cedar Wood Composter

Greenes Cedar Wood Composter. 23 cu. ft. RCCOMP36

23 cu. ft. Greenes Cedar Wood Composter

We live in Boston in a townhouse and share one of these with our neighbors. Love it!

Sears Deal of the Day: Orbis® Earth Machine™ Compost Bin Orbis Earth Machine Sears Item# 00930814000

Use your fence for garden space http://@Christina & Beach - this might be something to consider!

Great for a new garden look! Add this wooden vertical gardening to your backyard fence! -- vertical gardening ideas with wooden fence. Another perfect way to grow strawberries!

Home Composting | Composter Connection - need to add a sifting feature to the finished compost section

What You Need to Start Composting

Home Composting Composter Connection - need to add a sifting feature to the finished compost section

wormenbak - professionele wormfarm

vermiculture: van GFT tot compost in een regenwormenbak

wormenbak - professionele wormfarm

Why Compost?

Composting is good for you and the earth. Learn why you should compost, how to compost, and what to compost with this useful infographic.

Amazing!  You put in your zip code and Sprout Robot tells you what to plant when for your area -- plus helpful tips and tutorials.  You can even just use the website to buy the seeds you need and have them shipped to your house... this might allow me to actually start a garden...

Sproutbot - input your (US ONLY) Zip code and for free you will get a timeline of when to plant what, and what to start indoors! They will email you reminders too!

overlapping metal pin detail raised bed

Just level ground, stack boards, and insert corner pins to make a long-lasting planter for your flowers and vegetables. No tools necessary.

Biophilic Composting System by Cooler Solutions: A living wall on top of the recycling, trash, and compost bins to inspire people to remember that waste is part of a natural system.

Eco Office Ideas - This Biophillic Composting System helps offices go green and get back to nature. Environmentalism has been a buzz topic for the past several years.

Double Decker Drum Composter

5 DIY Backyard Composting Solutions 5 DIY Backyard Composting Solutions Composting is a simple way to add nutrient-rich humus which fuels plant growth and restores vitality to depleted soil.

Guide to 10 Garden Bugs - good and bad - and how you get rid of the baddies naturally.

Guide To 10 Garden Bugs The Good The Bad And The Natural Remedies Organic Bugs Good Bad Garden Garde

I love composting. Sounds strange but it truly is satisfying.

What a wonderful graphic! Turn our food and plant waste into healthy compost. There are multiple ways you can do this.

Everything you need to know to build the perfect backyard pond. | Illustration: Rodica Prato | thisoldhouse.com

Everything You Need to Know to Build the Perfect Backyard Pond

Want to introduce an attractive new dimension to your landscape? Just add water. The experts at This Old House explain what it takes to create a handsome, thriving aquatic centerpiece for your backyard