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Party of 2 f Warlock Leather m Ranger Med Armor council Room urban city “ thefrozenbunny: “ So I’ve been thinking about an AU where Hawke and Morrigan stay at Skyhold together, because they want to “help”, but they’re not helping at all but messing.

I may not agree with the lover being blackwall but everything else is a ok.

The top half of Avvar armor is literally just paint so imagine how awkward Cullen would have been


Counterpart of my previous Abelas Tarot card, this time theme “The Chariot” and it suppose to be an artistic freedom vision of a possible romanced Abelas companion card concept. I loved working with.

I got: Sera! What Dragon Age Inquisition Character are you?

Dragon Age Origins Meme by NanoeTetsu.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Dragon Age Origins Meme by NanoeTetsu.deviantart.com on @deviantART


Sera was never quite the wealthiest girl— Some say she lives in a tavern. But she was so sharp, and quick with her bow— Arrows strike like a dragon.