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Cara de pibe? no, zooey deschannel papa!

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""You are basically Taylor Swift. Whenever you walk into a room people are like, “Lol, I thought that was Taylor Swift.” It’s truly uncanny. You are pretty much a queen." I checked off 37 out of 56 on this list! Are You Taylor Swift?

The Life and Lies of Blood Elf Rogue Horde Assassin & Spy for Hire Ara Shadowborne [FC: Megan Fox]

여리여리 연한 코랄 컬러가  부드럽고 따뜻한 이미지를 연출해줘요.

여리여리 연한 코랄 컬러가 부드럽고 따뜻한 이미지를 연출해줘요.


Get the party started with this ‘effortless’ look. Use a bronzer to contour your face, and keep the eye make up simple. Pick a bright, deep shade of red lipstick to complete the look!