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Good question I don't know how you can tell me you love me with all your heart and go sleep with someone else an hour later Theresa jarland

Stress triggers the amygdala which causes you to remember. PTSD is caused by the amygdala constantly reminding you of a stressful or traumatic memory,

I find memory can be a beautiful thing yet a curse. It holds precious things from your past, victories, happiness, etc. But it can also hold your failures and things that have hurt you. Keep the good memories close and forget the bad ones.

Most relatable thing ever, people like this aren't worth anyone's time

Inspiring Quotes About Life : today i realized, you don't care anymore. and then i realized, you probably . - Hall Of Quotes

i'm dying inside and no one knows

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Powerful words.

Though, in truth, no one can ever *make* you feel anything.this could maybe be more accurately worded as,"I'm ashamed that I made the decision to stay when I felt so terrible in the situation. Staying is a choice.