Stan Lee, Marvel Comics Group, 1964

24 Amazing Comics Letterheads: From Marvel & DC to 'Calvin & Hobbes' - ComicsAlliance

The Brave Beards And Mighty Moustaches Of Marvel And DC Comics @loose__bruce

Mighty Marvel Facial Hair and Beard Styles, furry illustrations by Shamus Beyale

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letter 星燈社 ざらざら紙のレターセット 「秋刀魚」

letter 星燈社 ざらざら紙のレターセット 「秋刀魚」

Wes Anderson color palette

The Colors Of Wes Anderson Movies

Wes Anderson Film Color Palette Chart, designer Beth Mathews created the Wes Anderson Film Colour Palette, a chart of the colour treatments used in Anderson’s past six films.

Old school Letterheads_ Marilyn Monroe

30 Amazing And Legendary Letterhead Designs