Man Bun with Braids /Fade

Man braid is a popular hairstyle for men with long hair. There are many types of braids men can experiment and these can be worn in both bun and tail style. In a bun style the braid starts at the t…

Men's braids #braids

Cornrows are a popular hairstyle for men who want to manage their textured hair and get a neat, classic look. While this hairstyle was made popular by men whose hair was really textured, today men …

Men's pigtail braids hairstyle

Men's pigtail braids hairstyle

...and this is why Italian guys should be illegal. Francis Cadieux #Love #Italian men

8 Gratuitous Pics Of Hot Guys

His name is Francis Cadieux and he's a French Canadian model. Since my child will have French Canadian in him, I could name him after a hot male model! :D A girl can dream right?

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Jason Momoa Photos Photos: "The Devil's Double" Screening

Beautiful gray eyes. I love the hair...but I seriously hate those earrings.

OMG, those gorgeous eyes, and that goatee and that long hair.whew, is it hot…