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Video Game Logic: I don't understand 70% of it but its still funny

Video Game Logic

Funny pictures about Video Game Logic. Oh, and cool pics about Video Game Logic. Also, Video Game Logic photos.

OKAY REAL TALK WHAT ARE THOSE GLOVES AND WHERE CAN I GET THEM?  Swimming is my favorite physical thing ever and I love water and *screeching*

I really need that sponge microphone for my amazing American idol moments in the shower.oh, and those awesome gloves too.

The Simpsons

10+ Simpsons Jokes From Later Seasons That Are Impossible Not To Laugh At

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Funny pictures about The duck face. Oh, and cool pics about The duck face. Also, The duck face photos.

Coloring book corruptions

Coloring book corruptions

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I totally disagree with comments above these pics! Ketchup and oreo pics - those are called innovations. I can eat any type of food the way I want. Pear is eaten from the top...because the top is also edible (and tasty). Just like what? Are these food's rights?

22 People Who Can't Be Trusted Under Any Circumstances

Expectation vs. Reality - I don't mind reality

Expectation vs. Reality

Funny pictures about Pole Dancing Expectation Vs. Oh, and cool pics about Pole Dancing Expectation Vs. Also, Pole Dancing Expectation Vs.

This is EXACTLY why it's called babysitting! Lol

Oh my gosh lol. and it does a lot of the times involve babies