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akiii toyyy!!

The reality of never being able to own a pet pig anytime soon kills me so much. Pigs are gods greatest creation. Having a piggy will make me/life complete. Ugh the struggles of not being able to have a pig.


Hogwarts's Kunekunes - Hobby Breeder of rare Kunekune pigs - Small scale breeder of rare Kunekune pigs


Funny pictures about It's okay piggy. Oh, and cool pics about It's okay piggy. Also, It's okay piggy.


I want two pigs so they can be soical while I'm away! I want a Goy & Girl!

Check out the hogs in the Kent Barn, or the piglets in the FFA Petting Zoo at the Delaware State Fair!

i mean, i like painting up. and i love the pigs. so.getting a pig and painting it up?

Please don't eat the little piggies! They are too smart and precious!

I am raising a pig just like this for meat this winter. Pigs are such fun to be around.this little piggy showed great ambition to bond with the photographer ---photo by Burlap and Hay

Mangalitsa pigs. Photo by Tamas Dezso for The New York Times

An Old Breed of Hungarian Pig Is Back in Favor

These are Mangalitsa pigs: [photo by Tamas Dezso, via ] Mangalitsas, also referred to as "wooly pigs," are hardy pigs from Hungary.


Little baby bunny, 1 ear has lopped but the other one still sticks up! Little cutie awww

hahahaaa they're so funny looking:)

For owners of teacup pigs. Check out these cute little piggies. A teacup pig is the same as a micro-mini pig or potbellied pig. Teacup pigs grow to about the size of a small spaniel around 65 pounds and inches long.