Everyone thought I was crazy for crying when Bobby died. Something is missing without Bobby. Come to think about it Bobby was probably the one who helped Sam learn to read.

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Image result for tumblr my name is dean winchester post


Dean didn't want a gun, he just wanted a giant rainbow slinky!<<< hell I want a giant rainbow slinky!

the only reason why i'm not crying right now is because my roommate is beside me :'(

Ben to his Dad, Dean <---this would be so sad yet perfect. <- It would be even more perfect if Cas and Dean were dating and everything would be so weird because Dean wouldn't know how to explain it to Ben. (I'm gonna write this fanfiction!

Ugly girls at the prom

I love Bobby. He was only supposed to be in one episode but his character made such an impact on the show and the audience, that he just had to stay.

Don't you ever talk to me about Lisa and Ben because I will burst into tears. He was such a good husband and father and they took it away from him OMG

Ughhhh he was so happy and so good with Lisa and Ben why Supernatural whyyyy

When the biggest problem was just finding your dad..... AND NOT STOPPING THE APOCALYPSE OR THE LEVIATHANS

I'm currently rewatching season 1 with my roommate, who's never seen it before…

"I couldn't let him die, Bobby, I couldn't. He's my brother."

Oh, don't worry. This is just the sound of my heart breaking<<~~again. I'm a supernatural fangirl after all.<<I just joined the fandom, my heart has yet to grow calloused.

Dylan Everett did an amazing job as teen!dean and dean transformed into a teen

Dylan Everett as Dean Winchester in Supernatural "Bad Boys." Not gonna lie, I cried during this scene. Props to Dylan for working so hard to bring teen Dean to life, and also just for being a cutie;

We just avoided certain truths to manipulate you  Scary funny show with hot guys yes but will make you cry a lot ❤

As a fan from Day I love drawing new people into the fandom/family! :) This works for Supernatural and Doctor Who.