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Dolan Twins Vine "I saw a sasqouch in those woods. And i was showing him my Pokemon collection.

"Grayson Dolan ♡" by mahomie4ever101 ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring dolan, dolan twins, grayson dolan and ppl

"Grayson Dolan ♡" by ❤ liked on featuring dolan, dolan twins, grayson dolan and ppl

:,,-( very true... I wanna be Grayson's girl

:,,-( very true. I wanna be Ethan's girl well actually I don't care their both cute

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My mom literally caught me watching one of their videos and totally buffed me up. I know they are cut and stuff but in the end their life is planned out and as for me I still need to study and make mines. But I still love u guys.

I started watching them in August and my mom didn’t know who they were and I know they cuss and I love them and yeah my mom watches them now 😂🙂💕

Photo creds to @shawtydolan on insta!!! LOVE THAT ACCOUNT

Now I’m singing bodak yellow and saying puta or like yeah ( bitch , fuck, hoe) you know my fav words

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but in this case its grayson lol

but in this case its grayson. Ethan would be my bestfriend😂🤷🏽‍♀️❤️ //

I'm part of the BromieOmie fam for life!! At first I didn't notice but then I did like who doesn't read it in their voices

I'm part of the BromieOmie fam for life <<<< I hear their voice everywhere I go

I can relate to this soooo much!

Omfg this exact thing happened to me like seriously I can tell them apart now but I users to not be able to!