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Miehittämätön lennokki muuttuu sukellusveneeksi

Miehittämätön lennokki muuttuu sukellusveneeksi

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Десантно-штурмовой шатл Ми-2400 "Шершень". СССР. 2112 г.

// // Here are a few CG renders of the Raptor with Weapons from Battlestar Galactica - The New Series.

The Ultra High-Tech Coffee Table Incorporating A Windows 8 Computer - Pursuitist

File this one under "random tech gadgets you never knew you wanted so badly"! >>> The Giant Coffee Table Touchscreen Computer - Hammacher Schlemmer

Что это Проект «Таранис» — один из самых современных беспилотных аппаратов, которые уже используются в боевых действиях. На скорости, превышающей 900 км/ч, он просто не оставляет противнику времени для реакции. Присутствие дрона выдает только хлопок при преодолении звукового барьера. Дэвид Коутс, представитель компании-производителя BAE Systems утверждает, что дрон практически незаметен и для современных радарных систем.

Taranis stealth drone may see final test flights later this year

Some years ago, when I was a young newspaper editor, I met a man who owned one of those great big old stone houses on ten manicured acres that you can see along the Main Line of the old Pennsylvania Railroad west of Philadelphia. I did not want such a house, but I did want to be the sort of man who could acquire such a house if he wanted one, so I asked him: “What do you do?”  He told me he was president of this or that bank-and-trust company, which I already knew. He might as well have…

What Do They Do?

Heidi Ganahl named to Entrepreneur's list of 3 Millionaire Entrepreneurs You Probably Haven't Heard Of (and How They Did It)

Flight Club: Базу ИГИЛ вычислили из-за селфи

Flight Club: Базу ИГИЛ вычислили из-за селфи


¿Fiasco millonario? PAK FA, el caza ruso contra EEUU que no acaba de despegar

Flight Club: Three Variants, Common Capability

An Iranian-American engineer has been sentenced to more than eight years in prison for trying to send sensitive U. military documents to Iran as part of his application to teach at state-run universities, The Associated Press reported on Friday.

This is a luxury cruise concept based upon an airship platform. This allows passengers to travel at high speed in luxury. This airship is based on the technology currently being developed by Aeroscraft. This means it uses its engines as its primary source of lift, while using the Helium to simply offset to weight of the cargo. It also has an air ballast system allowing the crew to regulate to total weight of the craft by compressing air.

Based on an airship platform, the "Aether" cruise experience by UK-based designer Mac Byers allows guests to experience a wider range of destinations in a shorter time, all

Benefit of Stealth Fighter Jet Proves Elusive Subject in Israel

Flight Club: США планируют разместить в Европе истребители F-22...

Flight Club: США планируют разместить в Европе истребители F-22...