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The Best 34 Genius Camping Hacks You Need To Try

Looking For cheap flights to Bursa ? About Bursa : Bursa is a large city in northwest Turkey, lying in the foothills of roughly Mount Uludağ near the Sea of Marmara. The city is known for its mosques and historical sites from the early Ottoman Empire.

Make a Wasp Trap

Prairie Story: Homemade Wasp Trap DONT KILL THE BEES! use meat or Add vinegar and a banana peel to the sugar and water. The honeybees do not go in the trap but the wasps and yellow jackets will.

20 Popular Pinterest Tips That Are Bold-Faced Lies

Apparently the Pinterest community has spoken: "A lot of other pinners complained that when they tried this it didn't work."

Ilmainen kuva Pixabayssa - Mehiläinen, Kukka, Siitepöly

Mehiläinen, Kukka, Siitepöly, Hyönteinen

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MishaBeauty - DIY kosmetika: Pampeliška, jak ji neznáte

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kills the weeds/stray grass One gallon of APPLE CIDER VINEGAR, c table salt, 1 tsp Dawn. Mix and pour into a smaller spray bottle. (you can purchase 3 gallon size Apple Cider Vinegar in the canning section of a good hardware store - cheap!

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Swarms of Mosquitoes on my patio led me to an old home remedy - Did you know that chopped up garlic makes mosquitoes disappear? buy minced, dried garlic at local grocery stores and sprinkle it around on patio. Works like a charm!

Misha Beauty - DIY kosmetika a jiné projekty : Jahodový krém pro pevnou pleť

NATURAL ANT KILLER: Mix two tablespoons of borax with jam, jelly, honey or syrup until there is a paste. Smear some on some paper or a plate and put it where the ants are at. They should flock to it and eat it and take it back to the nest.