@lauraaakakaaa :D

I hate when they step on the back of your shoe and then the back of your shoe goes like.down on your heel so then your walking around with your shoe half on.

I think we've all done this a few times

"Sorry my mom said no"

Proud to say I did all of these things

I thought I was the only one who raced raindrops! And pro tip: when bumping down the stairs use a sleeping bag to go faster. And I didn't play superhero I played robot! <<<<<<< I race raindrops, i didn't know that about the stairs, and I play robot!

Oh boi

But wait tho did no one notice in the first picture, the man's creepy eyes?

19 Perks Of Having A Sibling( I find them funny even though I'm an only child )

19 Perks Of Having A Sibling

27 Things Everyone Hates With A Passion But Would Never Admit

27 Things Everyone Hates With A Passion But Would Never Admit--yes to all but cus come ooon cookies with raisins are damn delicious

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Hahahahahahaha this is what Pinterest is for…to highlight the weirdest parts of me and assure me I'm not alone- there's at least one other internet stranger that can relate.

did anyone ever notice that his phone is upside down? And my phone is fully charged time to unplug it and role to the other side of the bed