You know, you look at pictures of famous people in magazines, and you see them sitting there in their fancy suits, beautiful. And then, you see Tom in a fancy suit.

том хиддлстон фотосессии - Поиск в Google

torrilla: “ 50 More Talents Changing Hollywood for the Better - Tom Hiddleston - Entertainment Weekly Aug 2013 “ “LET’S NOT PUT too fine a point on it: Before ‘Thor’ came out, nobody knew who I.

Gawd I love this picture!

fraternityrow: “ Forget nudity, forget porn, Zachary Quinto’s thumb in Chris Pine’s belt loop is the sexiest thing in the world right now.

Sept 29 2012

Tom Hiddleston Photos - Tom Hiddleston leaving the Thor 2 wrap-up party at Chinawhite nightclub in London.

Montaz Rosset Visual

Montaz Rosset Visual

"Emma Watson and Tom Hiddleston. Does it get any better?" Look at his face in the first one

Emma Watson Tom Hiddleston at the Pre-BAFTAs Party in London.I'm pretty sure these are the most epic photos ever taken! I'm in love with Tom's boa!

There's just something about a man in a well-tailored suit. And when that man happens to be Tom Hiddleston...well.

*Looks off into space, into galaxies full of the lives he has ruined ~ each one making a star, each star having planets, each planet having a hundred million aggrieved voices screaming WHY ARE YOU SO PERFECT, TOM?

Here ,have a  dancing Hiddles ..

because everyone needs a Tom dancing gif on their board<--- in his socks, no less. GET DOWN TOM!

Tom Hiddleston look how he sits and stands, my point is valid!!!!

Tom Hiddleston look how he sits and stands, my point is valid!