Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier this is like the vine were guys run, then shower, then workout, and then they take a selfie like they just woke up!

Pessoas e animais inspiração i love my boy dog

((Fc: nash grier)) Hey im Nash grier i am arianas hayes and selenas bro i am 21 and single i am fun happy sweet and outgoing i am a viner in magcon introduce

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Twitter / Nashgrier: Brother @camerondallas ...

Magcon Boys handmade Rubik Cube of Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas, Matthew Espinosa. And where can I get this exactly?

The fact that we still call Cameron, Nash, Matthew, Carter, Jack and Jack, Aaron, Taylor n Shawn "Magcon" is wrong...  Bart is making a new "Magcon" witch won't be the same!   The boys wernt happy! during "Magcon" especially Taylor...   Bart yoused them...Bart wanted money!  So I think we should stop calling the boys Magcon...   That ended in April...  But that's my opinion tho...  We should just call them the boys... Instead of Magcon...

I still call the boys Magcon (or the boys) I know that theres the new Magcon but thats not my Magcon.

Lol the doctor asked nash if him and cam were brothers or friends and nash was like 'wtf'

Oh matt

It kills me to see Nash Grier, Cameron Dallas and Carter Reynolds cry and then there's Matt Espinosa, MagCon Boys<< it kills me to see anyone of the boys cry, even tho Matt's is . Idk how to put it

amo amo

amo amo