This colorful crochet curtain looks so cheerful in a kitchen window. Now to start on the granny squares!

이 가을에 더욱 잘 어울리는모티브 뜨개커텐이예요. 알록달록한 색감에 톤다운된 색으로 바탕을 해주니너무...

이 가을에 더욱 잘 어울리는모티브 뜨개커텐이예요. 알록달록한 색감에 톤다운된 색으로 바탕을 해주니너무...

Dutch Crochet Curtains Filet Valance Vintage by oldamsterdam

Crochet curtains is a perfect way to make a small change to the kitchen. You can choose any crochet pattern and create your own curtains design.

21 Cute Crochet Granny Square Projects -Flamingo Toes

21 Cute Crochet Granny Square Projects -

Irish lace, crochet, crochet patterns, clothing and decorations for the house, crocheted.

Curtain Ideas: Diy curtains for home theaterdiy curtain kit curtain rod electrical conduit curtain rod ends curtain rod extender curtain rod extension curtain rod end caps

crochet cafe curtain - no pattern, but shell stitch is used

Ravelry: Cafe Curtain pattern by Nicki Trench with Zara Poole May start after Christmas as a gift for Kitt and I. Right now our back door curtain is a blanket.

14 Cortinas lindos de la cocina |  Hermosa ganchillo materia

Ravelry: Colorful curtain pattern by Ioana van Deurzen. Change to monotone and think this would look great at kitchen window.

Crochet for the Home - Crochet Decor Patterns Dress up a window with the nostalgic beauty of this lacy valance accented with openwork diamonds. Size: 18 x Level: Intermediate -

Cool & Curly Crochet Curtain Pattern

Cool & Curly Crochet Curtain Pattern: there doesn't seem to be a pattern though it should be simple enough to recreate from the picture. The main thing that got my attention was the fringe of crochet chains