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Hero Design Studio | Ninja 忍者

mybuild printed lego mecha robot frame by hero design studio 2

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The art of masking out a good building solution

MAZINGER Z | by edguy20

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This micro Lego Millennium Falcon is quite cute

This micro Lego Millennium Falcon is quite cute

dif STICK shared this (just barely) minifigure scale Millennium Falcon over on Korean Lego fan site, BrickInside and it is adorable. We are huge fans of the new MicroFighters stuff, but this model that Han can actually squeeze inside is so much better.

Oh what a day, what a lovely day!

" Lego Mad Max: Fury Road Machines by Calin ( _Tiler ) [ Previously: Mad Max: Fury Road Machin.


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As you might have guessed from my previous Aquazone moc I'm putting together an Aquazone world, and what is this 1995 Lego theme without the eternal bad guy.


LEGO Space base plays host to excellent fleet

OrionBlu’s requirements for the new defense craft were easy to quantify, but difficult to deliver. The craft needed to be faster, better armed, and effecti.