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Man , I need to remember this one. Sometimes that next chapter just knocks you for a loop!

"I can't come into work today because a work of fiction has left me emotionally crippled." - if this was a legitimate excuse, I would use it at least once a week

This describes my life completely!

Narnia Percy Jackson Eragon The Hobbit The Maze Runner Divergent Harry Potter The Hunger Games The Fault In Our Stars The Mortal Instruments I've seen/read all except Narnia and TFIOS

Yes that happened in throne of glass series

Finding out your mental pronunciation of a character's name is very, very wrong, and it hurts your ears to hear the "correction. "Hermione," anyone?

Reading Positions… they forgot half way on the floor, half on the chair lol

De dood van een karakter in je boek

Death of a main character in a book versus a movie. True story about the book death.

I have used two of these and a necklace chain,  promotional card,  businesses card,  old phone bill,  scrap paper...yea safe to say I've done this...

What is this "true readers? EVERYONE CAN READ. (Unless ur illiterate) but then when you learn you become a true reader lol geez ppl. "We gotta be so true.

Did anyone else feel like this while reading the Matched trilogy?

Did anyone else feel like this while reading the Matched trilogy?<--- we all felt like that while reading the matched trilogy