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FireflyFacts 97/98 | Out of Gas  “The red button Wash rigs up to call the shuttles back in OUT OF GAS was taken from the set by Alan Tudyk after they had been told the show was cancelled. Tudyk mailed the button to Joss Whedon with a note saying ‘When you get your miracle, just hit this’, which was Wash’s line to Mal. This was in case Whedon managed to revive the show, which he did in the form of the film SERENITY.”

Firefly Facts - the red button

Diggin the goggles. Because, you know, safety comes first when Sherlock decides to make tea.< for that.

Yes please Mr Holmes - white, no sugar.


Sherlock wrapped in his sheet gave me absolute life.

Tumblr Reacts To "Sherlock's" "The Sign Of Three"

The Sherlock fandom had a lot of thoughts and feelings about the second episode of Season SPOILER WARNING.

Mind Palace ~ Sherlock fan art of Benedict Cumberbatch | from essmaa @ deviantART

"essmaaa: “I need to go to my mind palace” digital painting, tablet+ps, reference photo from “A Study in Pink”." Yeah, okay, but to me it looks like Sherlock's getting ready to regenerate.

Joss Whedon's attention to detail....

Malcolm Reynolds' battle scars from Firefly/Serenity


Sherlock Holmes-it's a three patch problem

Yep, it was textbook! :) Sherlock, Season 3, Series 3, whatever you want to call it.  I'm convinced he's an INTJ.

In my case, one parent is an ENFP and the other is an ESTP.

This is one of my favourite smiles of Ben. EVER “Sherlock - Series 4 - Behind the scenes - Script to screen ”

Sherlock Series 4 Episode 2 The Lying Detective behind the scenes

HAHAHA anderson. Though I think Molly and Lestrade both belong in Gryffindor in their own right, too.

AHAHA poor Anderson XD I think Sherlock is looking soooo ho in this pic


The best high functioning sociopath I have the honour of crying over regardless of the fact that they are fictional I know

This is an amazing picture!!

This is an amazing picture!


“ You’re gonna love being dead, Sherlock. No-one ever bothers you.