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Okay what not marrying Annabeth have to do with Art class? I'm trust me I love the idea of Percabeth Margie next than the other fangirl but random much.also I apologize if this comes or sounds rude I've only had of sleep and I'm just not myself.

Percabeth!!<<that's okay I didn't need my heart anyway

And the whole Athena was like "wtf just happened no one can calm down annabeth no one"

Why does this happen ? Thank gods this isnt Percy's future . Hopefully

Hopefully<<<<if uncle Rick kills Percy or any of his characters and army of fangirls would hunt him down.

I wasn't going to repin this but then I thought, you know it's a good thing she didn't tell where their first kiss was!

Then Percy knocks on the window and all of the girls turned and looked. Annabeth ran over to the window and opened it. Then Percy jumped into the room ' Wise girl' 'Percy!' Asked Marie.

Awwn isn't it the cuttest thing ever?! <<< what about his mom tho like bruh

Awwn isn't it the cuttest thing ever? <<< what about his mom tho like bruh<< love love not platonically love