People don't seem to understand how useful television really is. Like, whenever someone tells me that I'm really smart or funny, I just say "Thank television." Things You'll Only Understand If You're In Fandom <<<<freakin amen

Someone watches Doctor Who, but they don't SEE Doctor Who

supernatural avengers doctor who sherlock star trek the hobbit lord of the rings harry potter percy jackson nicholas flamel tom Hiddleston everything. If you're going to be a geek. Be a GEEK

So cute...

It would be John's kid, and it would also be the first and last time John let Sherlock babysit. (If John ever lost his mind and let Sherlock babysit in the first place)


Local news was talking about Rogue One and used a poster that has Jar Jar photoshopped onto all of the characters funny pictures

I want to be him when I grow up!

Even Doctor Who fans can relate to the Moffat Sherlock heartbreak!


TV - Sherlock: Watson: So where have you been? Sherlock: Became a dragon and space terrorist, you? Watson: I was a Hobbit. Sherlock: What's a Hobbit? Watson: It's a.Wait a minute.Your voice. Sherlock: What?

That poor, innocent, unknowing woman. It won't last long. BahahahahHH

That poor soul.<-They said cliff,not roof, so in a way the co-worker was right. <- I thought in Doyle's original story he really did jump off a cliff? Reason why the co-worker said cliff