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Parvekkeen pääsiäisväritystä. #parveke #pääsiäinen #narsissi

Parvekkeen pääsiäisväritystä. #parveke #pääsiäinen #narsissi

Balkonkasten mit Hortensien, Zauberschnee und Lobelie

▷ Balkonkästen - Ideen für alle Jahreszeiten zum Nachpflanzen: Balkonkasten mit Hortensien, Zauberschnee und Lobelie

Frutas I wonder what kind of banana this is?

Thousand finger banana tree (Musa chiliocarpa) This type of banana can be found in various parts of South East Asia. The plant goes by a variety of common names including Pisang Seribu and Thousand Fingers.

Citrus reticulata tangerine  A comparatively cold hardy citrus, with selections that are reliably cold hardy into zone 8. They should be grafted onto trifoliate orange root stock for maximum cold hardiness. Plants so grafted are reported to be shorter in stature. Grow these trees in sunny, well-drained sites. 'Flying Dragon' rootstock, for example, is vigorous, cold hardy and has a dwarfing effect that helps keep trees at pick-able heights.

Citrus reticulata tangerine A comparatively cold hardy citrus, with selections…

Geranium "Johnsons Blue"      Cracking little perennial plant that you can keep digging up and dividing forever.

Hardy geranium // Geranium 'Johnson's Blue' I think I'll be trying to grow this beauty in my garden next year. Basically the name "Johnson's Blue" just has been sold, as it is my mothers and half brothers last name.

How to Plant Wildflower Seeds | eHow

How to Plant Wildflower Seeds

How to Plant Wildflower Seeds. Fall wildflower seed planting will give you an earlier blooming period than spring planting. Keep the soil, where wildflower seeds have been plated, moist during germination, but avoid overwatering after germination.

Growing vegetables provides fresh produce for you and your family while giving you full control over what is used in the care and maintenance of the vegetables. Pest control is important in vegetable gardens to keep hungry insects from feasting on the plants. However, pesticides often contain harsh toxins that can leave chemical residue on vegetables. Thankfully, homemade organic pesticides are the safer choice and can be made from inexpensive items that most people have in their home.

Homemade Organic Pesticide for Vegetables