Kids Museum of Glass - Shanghai - The Cool Hunter

Kids get to enjoy rainbow-like spaces, story-telling and animation shows in Kid’s Republic. A colorful picture bookstore in Beijing China. Designed by Japanese Sako Architect.

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Kid’s Republic Bookstore, amazing playground inspired children’s bookstore, designed by SAKO architects, is located in Beijing, China.


{GIFTS} Thanksgiving Present for a Teacher

Japanese firm SAKO Architects have really outdone themselves with this amazing Children’s bookstore located in Beijing, China. The Bookstore is dedicated for kids as it has books created to t.

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Ecole Maternelle Pajol, a four-classroom kindergarten on Rue Pajol in Paris’s arrondissement, looked to Palatre and Leclere Architect firm to turn this building into a colorful education environment . and we think it's simply amazing!

Looks more like a water park, but I see the stairs. In this space I might prefer to stay on one level.

Stairs Designs That Will Amaze And Inspire You

I so want to do something like this in my basement. The Cool Hunter - Kids

Kids Museum of Glass - Shanghai

65 Peculiar Playground Innovations - From Impromptu Playgrounds to Green Jungle Gyms (CLUSTER)

by Federico Herrero

Federico Herrero, Installation - staircase color >>OMGGGG LOVE THIS. not this exact figure, but some sort of decorational print in bright colors =]

This kindergarten in Slovenia, designed by Jure Kotnik Architecture, has a staircase where they put a number on each stair, as a subtle way to encourage self-learning. Because kids have little legs, they pay attention to each stair they climb, and by placing the numbers on each stair, it gets them counting in their heads or even out loud.

This kindergarten in Slovenia, designed by Jure Kotnik Architecture, has a staircase where they put a number on…

Reinventing Kids' Spaces/Playgrounds

Kids Museum of Glass - Shanghai

Kita Sinneswandel – Sinneswandel kindergarten in Berlin is integration kindergarte hosting deaf und hearing kids. Room high animal applications guide the kids to their rooms. Kita Hisa  - formerly a retail store, was rebuilt to create a pleasant, safe and stimulating kindergarten with enough space...

Baukind- Kita Spreesprotten - the radiator enclosures below the windows offer the possibility to climb, retreat and observe.

AllofUs - Science Museum: Science of Spying

Science of Spying Exhibition, The Science Museum, is aimed at year olds. The physical installation of computer keys actually light up, and emit sounds of Morse Code. Sound effects are important within design/interactivity for children. Created by AllofUs.