Kids Museum of Glass - Shanghai

Rainbow spiral staircase

“This so-called Rainbow House is filled with secret doors, slides that bridge between floors and multi-colored spiral staircases to wind you back up.” How fun!

VIAGENS (lá fora): O quarto de brincar do David Citadel Hotel, em Jerusalém

Activity Space for Children and Youth, David Citadel Hotel, Jerusalem. By Sarit Shani Hay

by Federico Herrero

Federico Herrero, Installation - staircase color >>OMGGGG LOVE THIS. not this exact figure, but some sort of decorational print in bright colors =]

Rainbow staircase…

Rainbow staircase…

Rainbow House was Designed by Ab Rogers, the concept of the property was a series of living artworks united by a flowing layout with a specially commissioned central spiral staircase that travels through the full spectrum of the colour wheel

É nas creches e nas escolas infantis que as crianças começam a conhecer o mundo, além,claro, das respetivas casas. São, por isso, muito i...

Step inside the most colorful Kindergarten you'll ever see, which features rainbow-colored rooms, sophisticated and trendy desks, chairs, coat racks and cubbies and a sweet playground. **I should move to Paris when my baby girl is ready :)

Youth Factory, Factoría Joven, in Mérida, Spain, is an example of what can be done if a regional government works with the community and local designers to meet the needs of youth that may otherwise be heading down the slippery path of street life.  From the cool hunter

Kids Museum of Glass - Shanghai

Selgascano Architects, Merida, Spain ~ Youth Factory: recycled furniture, inexpensive building materials & temporary solutions to create a better space for city kids.