"Matchbook + Jacques Levine" ~~ Artist ~Inslee Haynes~ December 2 2011 [An illustration she created for Jacques Levine’s ad in the new Matchbook Mag December Issue.

Do you valises?  Ü

Kanako Kuno Me on Vacation, I think I need this, oh, this has a possibility. And the funny thing is?, I am only gone for a week!


Classic Slippers, Re-imagined

Inslee for Jacques Levine. Slippers at brunch.

Inslee Haynes

Always express your authentic style💖 Inslee Haynes

Seven on Sunday - The Enchanted Home

April Calendar Girl A story blooms in the west village (Inslee By Design - The Sketch Book)

when schools out we hang out~ at a friends house

Classic Slippers, Re-imagined

"Classic Slippers, Re-imagined~ Playing Bridge" ~~ Artist ~Inslee Haynes~ November 18 2011

Inslee Haynes

"Christmas in Washington" ~~ Artist ~Inslee Haynes~ December 10 2012 [The…

Megan Hess "Powder Room"

This is me in my dressing room. I actually have the walls painted like this with two out of the 3 pictures

Rock a ruffle dress while at work.

"Two-Designers" ~~ Artist ~Inslee Haynes~ October 18 2011

February calendar girl is crafty in love

The Zebra SS Duchess Chair as dreamt up by Congrats on 10 amazing years of calendars, friend! This is the best year yet with