Hohohouuu '^'/

Haikyuu gif Akaashi & Bokuto <<< Aka my friends picking me up when I cry about how stressed I am

Love Stage!! ~~ Me <33333 Minhas reaçoess quando eu to vendo Yaoi genteeen entao n me quera ver lendo uma fic ainda mais Yaoi acredite.... Ninguem quer ver minha reaçao

Im laughing a bit too hard at this xd Love Stage! ~~ Poor little movie star. He may need a blood transfusion if this keeps up. :: Izumi and Ryouma

haikyuu, bokuto's birthday and Akaashi trying to show more emotion !!! HE'S…

Bokuto is just an over enthusiastic puppy in need of belly rubs that will always make you feel loved and appreciated

Bokuto wallpaper

HD karatasi la kupamba ukuta and background picha of BOKUTO KOUTAROU ❤ for mashabiki of Haikyuu!