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Sour mistake...

Sour mistake...

I cannot stand this!

I'll try to make this as easy to understand as possible. The driver of the gray car is an asshole.


These bacon and egg cups are baked in a muffin tin. I don't put bread in the botton of the muffin cup. And I use crumbled Saltine crackers on top instead of cheese.

Top 10 Worst Kids Toys Ever

Top 10 Worst Kids Toys Ever


"Standing while peeing is so boring. So I say to myself, why not pee in style?


although asshole and genius are not mutually exclusive character traits.

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The Afternoon Pic Me Up is a daily post with the purpose of making your day better and curing your boredom at the same time.

Google+ :D

A lot of people cry while chopping onions, but the trick is to not get emotionally attached.

Normal, everyday grocery store receipt.

Anatomy of a grocery store receipt. hahahahaha so true

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This just sounds like the best 3 minutes ever.or the best April fool's joke ever

Two hilarious company letters.

Some Helpful Life Hack Tips, Let's Make Life Great Again!

Stupid Parking Prohibited

Stupid Parking Prohibited

The pencils aren’t the only things that aren’t too sharp.

The pencils aren’t the only things that aren’t too sharp. via charley mccoy