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2012 olympics perfectly timed graphic overlay oympic ring glasses The 50 Most Perfectly Timed Photos Ever

I'm not like that, but most people I know are xD

When Women Talk About Colours Well, yeah, it’s all black 🤷🏽‍♀️


What happened to real men? Photo:Buzzlamp Just look at this guy’s face! Its hilarious to see a grown man looking like a scared little girl. To be fair, that’s a 90 mph fastball coming his way. What kind of face would you be making?

What you girlies have to look forward to.... Hahaha

Married life.

I think this is adorable, not in a depreciating way. Married Life In A Nutshell funny marriage jokes lol funny quote funny quotes funny sayings joke humor funny pictures funny images marriage humor

Some fun stuff for you :)

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I love irony, and the very last pic is ironic as well! :D// well not really but still funny

These days, it does not take much to become an internet star, and these geeks decided to take the recreate ridiculous childhood photos route.

would be fun thing to do.Childhood photos recreated- omg these are hilarious


Went to the Moon, took 5 photos. Went to the bathroom, took 37 photos. by guest. Little Fun - all about humor and fun!

@Rita Taylor. it's ok tom brady rita and i still think you are sexy as hell!!

Tom Brady made a bold statement with an absurd new hairdo last night -- I don't care what I look like because my wife is an absurdly hot supermodel!


Funny pictures about Photobomb level: Grandma. Oh, and cool pics about Photobomb level: Grandma. Also, Photobomb level: Grandma photos.


Funny pictures about Taken at the right moment. Oh, and cool pics about Taken at the right moment. Also, Taken at the right moment.

when you see it...

It literally took forever for me to see it and it scared and creeped the fudge out of me. Look in between the girls' feet. Now look closely between the girls' heads.

What were they thinking????

How it's made (bad parenting version)