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Funny atheist car bumper stickers: my dinosaur ate your jesus fish, who would jesus bomb, critical thinking

I'll admit it, I laughed until I cried

I'll admit it, I laughed until I cried


Welcome to my life of .The horrifying moment when you're looking for an adult but then you realize that you're an adult. So, you look for an older adult, someone successfully adulting. An adultier adult.

Thanks For The Warning Maniac,..really with the misspelling?

Thanks For The Warning Maniac


That one guy…

Funny pictures about That one guy. Oh, and cool pics about That one guy. Also, That one guy.

Most people would file this under humor. I, however, find this to be genius.

Use of available resources: A+

This man is a GENIUS! Why did I not ever think about using lights for an extension cord? I love lights all year round!

Nacho libre all day! Haha the office napoleon dynamite!!!!

Everyday Disney: Day Disney Conversations It's true, I do speak fluently in movie quotes.but there are some times when Disney Conversations just get too funny not to share!