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The Depths of Hephaestus Fossae (a system of troughs and channels in the Cebrenia quadrangle of Mars)

The Depths of Hephaestus Fossae, Mars. Cool colors represent depressions: Warmer colors are higher areas. Purple indicates places about 4200 meters deep.

How Interstellar Space Travel Works #Infographic

How Interstellar Space Travel Works (Infographic) -- To understand the difficulty of interstellar travel, one must comprehend the incredible distance involved.

Easy way to keep your jewelry sparkling clean!

Just A Few Natural Jewellery Cleaner Recipes

DIY jewelry cleaning solution-Here is a basic recipe for cleaning jewellery * 1 tbsp dishwashing detergent * 1 tbsp baking soda * 1 tbsp household ammonia * 3 cups warm water

This might be just a simulation of two merging black holes, but it's still insane to look at.

This Black Hole GIF Is Utterly Mesmerizing

Split Second: This might be just a simulation of two merging black holes, but it's still insane to look at.

Use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to clean burnt pots and pans

Easiest way to clean burnt pots - scrub free!

Easiest way to clean a burnt pot - scrub free! "pour in a generous amount of hydrogen peroxide and sprinkled on a nice pile of baking soda. Then swirl it around to get it to mix. Let is sit for 6 hours and the burnt residue just dissolved off the pot!

Best Cleaning Tips on Pinterest

Best Cleaning Tips on Pinterest

Removing pet stains - Pour enough vinegar to soak the stain and THEN add a small amount of baking soda. Let the spot dry for a day or two before sweeping up and then vacuuming. Cover the spot with a bowl or plate to avoid stepping on it.

A Simple, Effective Remedy For Pet Stains On Carpets

Remove pet stains from rugs: soak stain in white vinegar, cover with a layer of baking soda, cover with a bowl or plate. Wait several hours for vinegar and baking soda to do their magic. When dry, sweep surface and vacuum remaining baking soda.

How to clean stubborn grease off of kitchen appliances: thriftyandchic.com

How to clean grease with baby oil

the trick to cleaning stubborn grease off kitchen appliances, appliances, cleaning tips, kitchen design, All you need is baby oil and a paper towel ~ Trying this! Our new house is a grease pit in the kitchen