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Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday. It has been a bit since the last log cabin block. In fact so long I can’t even remember which one it was, oh yah that’s right it …

A variation of the courthouse steps block uses at cornerstones at the corner of each round in the block.

The Basic Log Cabin Quilt Block

A very traditional block in quilting is the log cabin block here is how to make a basic log cabin block.

Log Cabin In The Round

The log cabin block of the series has the colours going in the round to complete the block.

Chevron Setting Are you familiar with the immensely popular Bento Box quilt? That’s just a Chevron log cabin block turned so four blocks form a square.

Charm Square Stars - love this quilt

Charm Square Stars - love this quilt - will use Nancy Drew squares with this pattern

I was literally thinking "I want a log cabin that's mixed w/ other patterns", and then I stumbled upon this. How cool! HC

features Stonehenge fabrics by Northcott. This version, the Jewel Cutters, features brilliant jewel tone fabrics to create this masterpiece. The finished Queen size quilt measures x .

Free quilt patterns and tutorials~

Free quilt patterns and tutorials

Free quilt patterns and tutorials- great stash busters!i seriously think that when im pregnant, im going to quilt things and make things for my baby whenever im not at work