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The Ultimate Sophistication by KerlysNails from Nail Art Gallery - DiMagio

Purple matte rhinestone nails @nailsbymztina

Purple matte rhinestone nails - perfect for when we're cheering on ANY game played by Avalon Park Wolves or when I'm out supporting the spreading of Lupus Awareness!

Uñas decoradas con piedras y otros accesorios +70 imágenes! Las usarías? | Decoración de Uñas - Nail Art - Uñas decoradas

For mystical creatures, unicorns sure are getting a lot of face time these days. From unicorn cupcakes and Frappuccinos to unicorn…pizza? It is officially a thing, and we think nails .

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Nails Art, Nice Patterns, Nails Design, Design Compilation, Nail Art

Japanese nail design #nail #unhas #unha #nails #unhasdecoradas #nailart #gorgeous #fashion #stylish #lindo #cool #cute #fofo

I love pointy nails, and yes they are in fashion in japan. my nails tend to break at the corners, this shape actually keeps my gel from lifting longer ! and it's kinda easier to do things than long square extensions.

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Aztec Nails - Visit www. for EZ Dip Gel Powder. It is so easy to DIY! No lamps needed, lasts weeks!

Melbourne cup nails to match a black lace dress ♥️ (from last week) glitter ✨ acrylic and matte top

Pink duck bills

Nails, rhinestone - I am shocked someone would pay this much money to have their nails look this crazy for 2 weeks.

62f1676313af32429ed249bbe72ba318.jpg 750×752 pikseli

62f1676313af32429ed249bbe72ba318.jpg 750×752 pikseli