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I have been reaching for him my entire life, bu this one time I should have reached farther.

''You want to sad truth?...'' / Bucky Barnes & Steve Rogers [1/3]

I'm not James Barnes anymore. I'm somewhere in between him and the man Hydra created.

why do we do these things.

<<<I srsl don't know what to do if something happens to him in infinity war. My heart is gonna break and no one will be able to heal it😭

With all the haunted memories, and victims screams. He will always carry winter with him.

''He will always carry winter in him.'' / The Winter Soldier ~ Bucky Barnes

The sweetest little cinnamon roll to ever walk this Earth!!

Sebastian Stan talking about his mother<---AWWW Sebastian is a mamma's boy

Winter Soldier - Bucky Barnes

Second time I saw the movie the girls behind us had NO IDEA Bucky was the Winter Soldier.

I can't check off 'absolutely not' box enough.

The problem with this is that The Winter Solider is a villain. Bucky isn't, but Bucky isn't always there in The Winter Solider. It's an uneven balance and when ever Bucky starts to appear they wipe his mind. The Winter Solider is a villain.