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loving on SUNDAY: here COMES SUMMER

loving on SUNDAY: here COMES SUMMER

Summer Quote: palm trees ocean breeze salty air sun kissed hair endless summer take me

Heirloom Tomato Avocado Caprese Salad by cookeatpaleo #Salad #Tomatom #Avocado

This is my paleo take on a caprese salad. I substitute avocado for the mozzarella and layer it with heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil from the garden. Heirloom tomato avocado salad is a perfect appetizer for these hot summer nights.

Cool picture... Wouldn't actually do this myself. Fish ... Eeeeekkk!!!

I would love to go to a tropical island and look into the water and see bright beautiful fish swimming around me. Wow what I'd do for a picture like this!

Perfect night snuggled by the Bonfire some good drinks and good friends watching the fireworks.

I Want: The perfect summer night, just hang'n out with family friends. Watching the fireworks out by the bonfire.

Quick and easy healthy snack. Banana-peanutbutter-strawberry sandwiches.-- could totally make this weight watchers with PB2

Quick and easy healthy snack. Banana-peanutbutter-strawberry sandwiches--or i could use honey instead of PB!

Sunglasses More Rayban, Shades, Cant Wait, Beaches Life, Palms Trees, Ray Ban, Summertime, Sunglasses, Summer Time Cant wait to put these on Summer time in a sunglass Summer shopping #sunglasses #shades #summer #accessories #mallofasia Sun, Palm Trees, and Sunsets #summer #summertime #shorts #sunglasses The beach life

Which Style Of Sunglasses Is Right For You?

Summer!!!! :)

Give me Summer. I'm tired of drama and fighting with people I thought would be there for me I just want to be free from homework. I want to spend every waking moment at the beach and make it the best summer ever