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Oshun the water deity, I feel so late I remember learning about her in high school (on my own).but that pretty awesome that Beyonce basic her album on her experience in life but aligned it with African m mythology deity.

“That moment when you, a queen, come across another queen, and discuss how best to maximise your joint slay”

This is for the education of the negro and a shout out about why whites EARNED the name #CRAKKA

I never knew this. "The term "cracker" was what slaves called a white overseer who was quick to use the whip on an unsuspecting slave. The whip would make a cracking sound as it sliced through a.

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We are stronger together than apart. It's time we women claimed back our place in this world which is being destroyed by the masculine, & help bring back balance, love, beauty, & truth.The Feminine way! For more info please VISIT link

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I wonder how and why they got so distracted from their original purpose.How could something so good be turned into something so bad?

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It makes me very upset for people who were tormented for their natural beauty and then were copied by their tormentors